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December 2017



Summer is officially over and we're back into the swing of things...  We are offering all our tweens,  teens & even our college students a 45min. "Clean Start Facial" for $80.  This treatment involves cleanse/ exfoliation with steam. Followed by an enzymatic mask which will help detox the skin from oil build up, summer fun, and left-over spf.  Extractions are included followed by light massage.  Finishing with all lotions, potions, and creams that compliment teen skin.



November 20th through Dec 31st.


Get Holiday ready by getting your BARS ran. The Bars are 32 points on the head that when touch start to unravel all the "stuck points" that relate to life in this hectic world. It's like hitting the delete button in your brain and allows you to create more space in your life.

$75 for a session. "up to 90 minutes"

How about a treat of a massage. Did you know that the benefits of massage can last up to a month? Come in and soothe your body.

$75.00 for 60 minutes.


Now through December

Book a Facial or Waxing service with Jessica and receive 10% off your service.



Wednesday, December 20th 11-4pm

Come join us for a day of beautification. Complimentary Swiss beauty science facials with any MEDER retail purchase. This exclusive line is known for Swiss apple stem cells, peptides, probiotics, plus many other ingredients that are active enough to make a impact on your skin without using acids!
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We Love You Wednesday

                                       December 20th, 2017

We are offering all products up to 50% off!! 

Perfect for stocking stuffers, pollyanna presents for the office or a great way to just pamper yourself. Treat yourself, your family & your friends to some fantastic skin care products, candles, polishes or a Gift Certificate from CURE!