Lipo Oval Mask

Lipo Oval Mask


Correction of “second chin” and fat deposits of face and neck, lifting and brightening effects

For excess facial fat deposits, “second chin“, gravitational ptosis of the lower and middle thirds of a face, related to excess weight, Lipo Oval presents a complete solution to achieve slimmer facial lines, a more vivid facial contour, better skin and tissues tone.

Powerful lypolitic ingredients penetrate the skins layers to reduce the volume of fatty tissue found in the skin and deliver a drainage effect. The active ingredients also work together to boost the synthesis of collagen and elastine and improve microcirculation to provide a lifting effect. The face and the neck look slimmer, skin is left visibly toned and even with a more youthful appearance.

To maintain the effect, a course of 5-10 treatments, 1-2 times per week and repeated once or twice a year is recommended.

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