Meder EZ2 Mask Enzy-Peel

Meder EZ2 Mask Enzy-Peel


Enzyme mask for skin exfoliation. All skin types.

Factors such as age and damaging exposure to environmental factors increases the number of dead skin cells and causes the upper layer of the skin to become rough and uneven. Regular exfoliation helps to even out the upper layer of the skin, slows down the processes of ageing and prevents inflammatory processes. Regular exfoliation improves the permeability of the skin and helps the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.

Enzyme exfoliating mask is a unique mask that exfoliates, brightens, minimises pores, nourishes, moisturizes, evens out skin tone and purifies. The smoothing effect of the mask is comparable to a chemical peel but without any irritation. The Enzy-Peel calms and softens the skin and can be used on both sensitive and oily skin.

How to use: apply a thin layer to clean wet skin. Leave as a mask for 5-10 minutes (5 minutes for sensitive thin skin, 10 minutes for male, thick or oil-prone skin). Massage with gliding movements along the massage facial lines for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cool water.  To boost the effect, cover the areas in need of deeper cleansing with cling film. Use 1-2 times a week.

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