Luminous Skin Wand (024) Orionis

Luminous Skin Wand (024) Orionis

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Pink beige with a touch of peach

Rouge Bunny Rouge artisans have recreated the secret of this light-spun material, producing a concealing wand to banish dark shadows and imperfections from your complexion. As you spread these wings of light, luminescence will adorn the precious fabric of your beauty. Banish the shadows of tiredness and restore the glow of love and light.

This lightweight reflective formula can be used on the face and under eye area as a skin treatment and concealer. Its light diffusing properties diminish fine lines and minor blemishes, creating a flawless finish. It disguises dark circles and fine lines with a unique active ingredient Haloxyl™ to give a long-term reduction of under eye darkness; smoothes away under eye area and reduces puffiness with Fermiskin, made from Shitake Mushroom Extract.

This Luminous Skin Wand also contains Vitamins A, C, E and B5 for a full pamper effect.

2.5 ml / 0.08 fl oz

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