Long Lasting Lip Pencil (070) Esteban

Long Lasting Lip Pencil (070) Esteban

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Metallic, flesh-toned bronzed pink - Wonderful on honey-blonde, blonde and pale skin tones

Overwhelmed by its beauty, we captured the essence and softness of its everlasting magical colours in FOREVER YOURS... lip pencils. Their soft heart glides on as smoothly as a ship on the calmest of seas, to keep your lips supremely in view. You'll treasure the incomparable staying power, allowing you fearlessly explore your thirst for new things - knowing that you look impeccable. Drink and be merry, kiss and be cherished. It’s so wear-resistant it’s almost as unstoppable as you. Go ahead and write your own navigation chart, you’ll be safely on course to sail off with whatever treasures you desire…

Advanced technology in this long-wearing pencil delivers a formula with an instant release of intense colour, smooth glide-on and a precise application. The synergic action of gellified systems, special polymers and waxes provides a most comfortable and semi-permanent colour. Once dry, the colour will last the whole day and is waterproof too!

1.13 g / 0.04 oz

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