Highlighting Liquid: Seas of Illumination. Sea of Tranquility

Highlighting Liquid: Seas of Illumination. Sea of Tranquility

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Sea of Tranquillity

Palest milky opalescence, with super fine pink, white and gold pearls, luminous effect - Perfect for enlivening tired looking skin and all skin tones

We were inspired by this scene to bring you this dream-in-a-bottle, so that you can have your very own transformation. The moisturising surge of liquid pearls will dance whispers on your skin till dawn. Be as playful as the magical being that you are… you’ll still look as sublimely refined and urbanely elegant as the Moon itself. The tiny reflective particles will illuminate you anywhere you choose, with a sinfully quivering effect to quietly showcase your beauty. Bring fine-spun silver thrills by night or by day - to eyes, brows, temples, shoulders… No one can eclipse you, Moon Mermaid.

This multipurpose water-based fluid blends easily with moisturiser, or with foundation, to customise the look - to yours alone. Create an inside-out illumination effect and blend it to a thin, refined wash of pearls. With plant-derived, non-greasy emollient Squalane for supple, soft, and healthy looking skin. Light fragrance of Cucumber with a touch of Peach Flower will add to your application pleasure. A trio of shades with Melissa extract to soothe, and Vitamin E to guard against ageing. The highlighting liquid can be used alone or over moisturiser and as a highlighter, over foundation, too.

Winner of the Total Beauty Awards 2015.

30 ml / 1.01 fl oz


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