Eyebrow Tattoo Fail... What To Do Now???

Tattooing Brows is back with a vengeance AKA Microblading.  This service is unlike the old blue, tattooed brows from the past, as it imparts feather-stroke like ink on the brow area to look like natural hair, almost 3-D if you're lucky to find a great permanent ink artist.

However, today we're talking about if you weren't so lucky, and what is the re-course?  The FDA claims that Microblading is a permanent procedure, as ink is delivered under the skin.  If you ask most permanent ink artists, they will say this procedure is semi-permanent and will need to be touched up from time to time to keep from fading, and to keep those brows oh-so-fresh-and-so-clean.

Pigment removal can be performed by laser, however this can lead to hair loss, or even worse, changing the color of the ink to black or blue.....  A much safer approach to pigment removal is offered here at CURE and may take a little longer then a laser, however much more safe and effective.  Our Licensed Aesthetician and Permanent ink artist, Janine Slater uses a product called XILE which is a salt based saline to literally flush out the bad work, which pushes the pigment out of the skin.  This process once again takes time and there is a healing process involved. 

This correction treatment helps to lighten or fade the pre-existing color.  Janine takes her time to correct bad work.  She will not just Blade over a bad tattoo.  This is an acquired skill that most microbladers do not offer, and show-cases Slater's skills as an advanced Aesthetician. 

Call to book your consultation with Janine whether you're looking for corrective work or just now considering permanent ink or microblading.  You can feel confident that you're in good hands as Janine is Best of Philly 2016 and has the clientele to back her work.  We have people whom travel two hours just for her outstanding work.  Don't be fooled by "deals", do your research, especially with microblading.  It's your face, and you can only make a first impression once.  Let's make it the best one!