Our latest addition on our service menu


Why essential oils as a therapy? I’m been into the healing arts for over 10 years and

while sprucing up our outer image is important, it’s equally important to attend to

our inner Being. The reason behind bringing in the Aromadome® to our Spa is

excellence outside as well as inside. We only use Young Living Essential Oils at the

Spa because of its high therapeutic and vibrational qualities. When I first

experienced the Aromadome® it was for allergies. My symptoms diminished

substantially after the treatment. I thought Holy Cow this is amazing. The more I

researched and saw story after story I was sold. What if you could have a 30 min.

session before and after a flight and not get a cold or the flu? What if you were

having trouble sleeping and added on the Aromadome® to your facial or massage

and started sleeping like a baby. Essential Oils have been always been used for

beauty and health and cooking. Why not use a healthy alternative for sleeping or

breathing or stress relief. I am always using my oils and my diffuser in my home.

And I will always try to find ways to better my outlook on life as well as my physical

care. Adding the Aromadome® especially in the winter will only enhance our

commitment and passion for body care. We are going to start with 5 basic formulas.




So, why essential oils? Because they oxygenate our cell, blood, brain and body. They

raise our frequency/vibration, lessen pain, relieve stress, support our immune

system, help with our spiritual awakening and just support use overall. Remember

nature never keeps what isn’t working and our plants and trees have been here

longer than we have. Nature knows and we encourage you ask questions and check

out the dome. Book it for you next treatment or as a stand alone therapy.